Joyside Wood Burning Fire Pits with Lids
 Joyside Wood Burning Fire Pits with Lids
 Joyside Wood Burning Fire Pits with Lids
 Joyside Wood Burning Fire Pits with Lids
 Joyside Wood Burning Fire Pits with Lids

Joyside Wood Burning Fire Pits with Lids

Color-Natural Wood Grain
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SKU: Z08A-001
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 51"D x 51"W x 18.3"H
Style Modern
Brand Joyside
Finish Type Polished
Shape Hexagonal
Item Weight 100 Pounds
Fuel Type Wood
Assembly Required Yes

About this item

  • MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN: Meetleisure wood-burning fire pit features a 360° swivel grill, a fire poker, and six wood-grain side tables with ample storage space. This versatile design allows you to barbecue, keep food warm, or create a cozy refuge against the chill. Every element of these outdoor fire pits is meticulously crafted to provide both sophistication and functionality, ensuring an experience that prioritizes your comfort and warmth.
  • WOOD-GRAIN LOOK TABLE: The Meetleisure fire pit comes with side tables with a wood-grain finish achieved through a thermal transfer technique, ensuring a natural aesthetic that resists discoloration and rust. These thoughtfully designed tables not only evoke a genuine wood vibe but also offer ample storage space, providing convenience for large gatherings or outdoor picnics.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION & SAFE: Meetleisure Outdoor Fire Pit is crafted to hold up to 20 pounds of wood, delivering a robust and inviting blaze that imparts ample warmth. This fire pit boasts a stable foundation with four legs, reinforced by substantial weight to enhance stability on uneven terrain. Its exterior is coated with a high-temperature powder, ensuring durability and resistance to rust when used in outdoor settings.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: The wood burning fire pit comes with detailed instruction, so it can be set up in 20 minutes. NOTE: It should be noted that the screws should not be tightened completely during installation until all pieces are connected together. Please contact us through inbox if there are missing parts.
  • CLIPS FOR CONNECTION: We have included several clips in the package which can be used to connect each side table, keeping them as a whole. We hope you enjoy wonderful time with family or friends around this fire pit!
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