Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier
Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier
Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier
Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier
Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier
Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier
Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier
Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier

Joyside Outdoor 10x13ft Hardtop Gazebo with Doubletier

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Brand Joyside
Material Aluminum, Polycarbonate
Style Modern
Product Dimensions 156"L x 120"W x 108"H
Frame Material Aluminum
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
Shape Rectangular
Assembly Required Yes
Color Gray

About this item

  • 【Durable Double Polycarbonate Roof】Experience the outdoors in all its glory with the hardtop gazebo featuring a robust polycarbonate roof. This roof not only stands up to harsh weather but also expertly filters sunlight, creating a cool and comfortable space for your outdoor activities. Its exceptional drainage systems efficiently minimize rain and snow buildup.
  • 【Sturdy Rustproof Aluminum Frame】 Crafted with a triangular aluminum frame, this permanent pavilion boasts unrivaled stability and durability compared to standard pavilions. Reinforced by four ground stakes and expansion screws, it's a fortress against inclement weather. Safeguard yourself from the elements while enjoying the outdoors.
  • 【Versatile Curtains and Netting】 Elevate your outdoor experience with removable curtains that shield you from rain, ensuring warmth during autumn and winter gatherings. The mesh curtains, complete with zippers, offer excellent ventilation and protection against insects throughout spring and summer. Revel in the changing seasons while basking in the privacy of your own enclave.
  • 【Adaptable for Various Settings】 Transform your backyard, patio, lawn, or courtyard into an oasis with this outdoor gazebo. Suitable for all climates, it accommodates 5-8 people, making it perfect for gatherings. From joyful family moments to social gatherings, create lasting memories in this versatile space.
  • 【Effortless Assembly】 Simplify the assembly process with provided tools and comprehensive instructions. Each construction part is clearly labeled for easy comprehension. Enlist the help of 2-5 people to follow the instructions and expect completion within 3-5 hours. For any assistance, our team is here to help. Contact us with any inquiries or concerns.

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