Wicker Sofa & Table

21 Products
21 Products

Spruce up your patio space, garden area, or backyard with the outdoor wicker sofa and table collection from JOYSIDE. The best-in-class pieces in our collection offer you impeccable style and beauty as well as a generous seating area, perfect for hosting guests.

Our wicker sofas feature beautiful hand-woven seating that affords a classic, homey, and organic look to any outdoor lounging area. You have a variety of multiple-piece options, including a wicker outdoor sofa and table set, a patio wicker sofa with table set, wicker outdoor sofas with ottomans, a wicker patio furniture set, and patio conversation sets.

With sizeable seating areas, our wicker sofas are perfect for accommodating family, friends, and guests while maintaining a solid, durable structure. You can also stretch out and lounge in a more selfish manner, enjoying all the comfort that the wicker sofa has to offer.

JOYSIDE does not compromise on comfort and ergonomics. The wicker sofas in our collection come with high-quality cushions you can get lost in on a lazy afternoon.

Complementing the wicker sofas and completing the JOYSIDE collection is an assortment of wicker tables. We offer numerous styles and designs, including wicker end tables, wicker coffee tables, wicker side tables, wicker patio tables, wicker nesting tables, wicker dining tables, and wicker ottomans.

Perfect alongside a wicker sofa, a wicker table provides a stable platform to place books, food items, a lamp, potted plants, and other decorative items. Wicker tables in JOYSIDE’s sofa and table set collection come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and color choices.

Wicker sofas and tables from JOYSIDE are extremely durable and resistant to weather elements, including rain and UV light. They also have other benefits, including a beautiful natural aesthetic, are easy to clean and maintain, are lightweight for easy movement, have resistance to wear and tear, and are very affordable. So why wait? Feel free to look around our wicker sofa and table collection and order your new set today!