Gazebo & Pergola

15 Products
15 Products

Investing in pergolas and gazeboes is a great way to adapt your outdoor space to suit your desire to spend more time in the open air. Elevate your outdoor décor today with the stunning Pergola and outdoor gazebo collection from JOYSIDE. Our selected pieces are not only incredibly attractive and create great focal points in your outdoor areas, but they also offer comfortable and practical sheltered and shaded seating areas.

Pergolas from JOYSIDE’s collection can help extend the functionality of your outdoor spaces or garden area. Gone are the days of waiting for the sun to come out. You can choose from a pergola with the roof or a pergola with a canopy and enjoy your outdoors in all weather conditions. Our pergola canopy shades allow you to shelter your outdoor furniture from different weather elements whilst enjoying some degree of privacy.

Offering both functionality and visual appeal, gazebos have captivated people for centuries. The JOYSIDE gazebo collection features modern and stylish outdoor gazebos that are fantastic additions to any backyard landscape.

Features, including a gazebo canopy, side netting, and more, provide much-needed shade and privacy for intimate gatherings, parties, or lounging. Discover the allure, comfort, and elegance of our gazebo collection, which includes:

  • Wood gazebos – outdoor framed gazeboes made from premium cedar wood.
  • Metal gazebos – strong all-weather gazebos made from high-grade metals, including galvanized steel and aluminum. These gazeboes offer superior protection against the elements and are an ideal choice if you seek a more permanent outdoor structure.
  • Hard Top gazebos - highly durable gazeboes designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. They allow you to enjoy your outdoors all year round.
  • Barbecue gazebos – grill gazeboes perfect for summer cookouts.
  • Restaurant gazebo – perfect for intimate outdoor dinners.

JOYSIDE offers well-constructed gazebos in a range of sizes, materials, color choices, and feature options. Whether you seek a permanent yardistry gazebo or a temporary one for gatherings and parties, our fantastic collection suits all requirements, styles, and preferences.