8' x 10' Gazebos & Pergolas

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1 Products
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In our entire pergola collection, the 8 x 10 ft gazebo is the smallest one. Even though it is quaint, it can fit a couple of seats and can be used as an area of relaxation or as a shade for your grills. The pergola is perfect for you if you have very little space but still want to set up a gazebo in the backyard.


The best thing about the 8' x 10' pergola is that it can be moved around to wherever you want it to go. If you love moving your seating places in your backyard then this should be a welcome for you...


The smaller gazebos can fit in almost any space, no matter how tiny or cramped up the space is. The size is perfect for anyone who still wants some space around their yard or just need something quaint to work with.


You do not have to worry about the gazebo taking up too much space, and you can always switch it up when you need to. With this smaller gazebo, you get minimalist and luxury all in one pergola. Making a purchase at JOYSIDE will have you getting value for your money.


We understand that all our clients’ needs are different, and we have included enough pieces with each category for you to choose from.


You do not have to get a one size fits all simply because the dimensions for your pergola are different. All the options in this category are of top quality, and you can rest assured you are getting the best of the best.