Is it OK to have wicker outdoor furniture outside?

Wicker furniture is a popular choice because it looks great, is durable, and doesn’t have to be too expensive. The furniture is woven with highly durable and incredibly lightweight, semi-thick fibrous materials. You should consider several factors before purchasing wicker furniture, including its material, especially if you plan to use it outside.

You should ask yourself whether you can use the furniture outside or if it’s better left indoors. You should also consider how wicker furniture reacts with rain, wind, or sunshine. Regardless, the good news is that you can use wicker furniture in the garden, especially PE wicker (made from polyethylene). The furniture is fairly easy to move around and looks elegant and stylish.


Advantages of Wicker Outdoor Furniture

There are several benefits to buying wicker outdoor furniture; however, four advantages stand out. These include the furniture’s natural aesthetics, lightweight & portability, good ventilation, and durability. Let’s dive in and determine why this furniture is the best option for your outdoor space.


Natural Aesthetic

Wicker outdoor furniture is made from weaving patterns developed through centuries using various materials. These provide an extensive pallet of amazing options that fit various living spaces. Plus, PE wicker offers more colors to choose from. Also, using bright patio cushions compliments your wicker furniture’s aesthetic design adding a splash of color to your green space.


Lightweight and Portability

Unlike other furniture made from metal and heavy wood, PE wicker furniture is easy to move around because it’s lightweight. The furniture is easily portable, making it perfect for individuals who love to spruce up their outdoor setting. Their lightweight nature is also handy when moving furniture indoors due to bad weather.


Good Ventilation

Wicker furniture is great for outdoor settings, especially during hot weather. The furniture is made from polyethylene, a less conductive material that absorbs little heat in hot weather. This great feature makes individuals who would love to enjoy time in the sun more comfortable.



PE wicker furniture is durable, especially if made from PVC or coated with resin. The furniture can last up to decades even when exposed to the elements. It requires very little care, is naturally dirt and weather-resistant, and you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. Regardless, moving it inside during bad weather is better to prevent exposure to rain and strong winds.


Considerations for Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Material Selection

Wicker furniture is made with either natural or synthetic materials. Variants made from natural materials require regular maintenance because they rot easily when exposed to extreme weather conditions; however, they provide a natural aesthetic. PE wicker furniture made from synthetic materials is more durable and mimics the traditional weaving technique’s appearance and texture. They are easy to clean and don’t require much maintenance.


Regular Maintenance

Consider how easy it would be to maintain your wicker furniture before purchase. Pick PE wicker furniture made from synthetic materials if you don't have time to maintain them and natural wicker furniture if you do. You should also research how to clean natural wicker furniture to understand what to do when cleaning them.


Climate Conditions

Naturally, wicker furniture will last longer when exposed to average weather conditions. Individuals living in hot areas should buy furniture made from natural materials. In contrast, those living in areas receiving lots of rainfall should purchase wicker furniture made from synthetic materials, i.e, PE wicker furniture.


Protective Measures

Protective measures for wicker furniture involve avoiding exposure to the elements, including rain or too much heat. You should also avoid putting too much stress on them and invest in a cover to protect them from rain or snow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is wicker furniture prone to damage?

Wicker furniture should be protected from the elements, i.e., rain and excessive heat. Wicker furniture made from PVC materials can melt when exposed to too much heat, and natural fibers can rot when exposed to rain.


Can wicker furniture be left outdoors for extended periods?

You should not leave your wicker furniture outdoors all year round. Instead, you should move it inside during extreme weather conditions to avoid damage.


Are additional protective measures necessary?

You should weatherproof PE wicker furniture to prevent damage from exposure to rain and sunlight. This includes adding an extra layer of resin, protecting them with a cover, and applying a coating of shellac, clear vanish, or lacquer.


How to clean and maintain wicker furniture?

You should maintain your wicker furniture by vacuuming or brushing off as much surface dirt as possible. You should then wash them with a soft brush plus soapy water mixed with 2 tsp of ammonia. Next, you should rinse them well and let them dry outside.



PE wicker furniture is a great option for individuals who want aesthetically pleasing and durable outdoor furniture. The furniture is durable, lightweight, and provides good ventilation. However, you should take proper protective measures like keeping them out of extreme weather conditions and cleaning them regularly to make them last longer. Lastly, you should purchase your furniture from Wicker Outdoor Furniture for durable furniture.