Differences between Wicker & Rattan Patio Furniture

These types of furniture remain an admirable trend in the outdoor sector. Understandably, there can be confusion between the two terms due to their intertwining meanings. However, wicker is an ancient method of intertwining fibers into furniture, while rattan is a durable substance for making furniture. Today, wicker and rattan patio furniture look way better than the earlier versions.

Despite the fact that these are a popular trend in modern patio furniture, most people cannot wrap their head around how different they are.

Furniture obtained from wicker as well as rattan offers a variety of benefits, which vary with the environment of use. Let’s get right into them, shall we?


Everything You Need to Know About Wicker

Wicker furniture never goes out of style. In fact, this technique of weaving natural materials into furniture has been there for ages.

Nevertheless, there are some significant improvements of the weaker weaving method, which have allowed for more modern and attractive furniture. The weavers use a blend of synthetic and natural materials like:

  • Rattan
  • Willow
  • Bamboo
  • Reed
  • Nylon
  • Polythene
  • Vinyl PVC


Patio furniture must be lightweight to ease movement, which is well guaranteed with this weaving technique. Additionally, it creates a luxurious feel while effortlessly integrating with the nearby nature. You can apply the finishing of choice on this furniture for easy maintenance and improved visual appeal.


Rattan Definition and Purpose

Before all else, rattan looks and feels amazing! This palm-like raw material mostly grows in abundance in tropical regions. The fast-paced growth and how it wraps around the trees are pretty interesting. It is worth noting that rattan is only part of an entire palm plant, known as the outer core.

The rest of the plant has different uses, but let's focus on those of the rattan part. Because of its hard texture and surplus availability, thanks to its rapid growth, it is a popular material for making patio furniture. To understand its suitability for outdoor furniture, let's get into some advantages:

  • Sustainable than other wood counterpart
  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Resistant to elements
  • It has a natural look


Key Differences Between Wicker and Rattan Patio Furniture



You should avoid placing natural Rattan furniture on your patio. This is because these furniture pieces are not resistant to the effects of weather, affecting their durability.

How about combining the natural rattan material with a synthetic one? You’ll enhance your suitability for outdoor use while enjoying the same visual appeal, if not better.


That said, the suitability of synthetic wicker for patio furniture is unmatched. They look and feel good, and you don't have to cover or move them inside every time there is a rain downpour.



It's hard to determine which between wicker and rattan patio furniture is more expensive. The cost of either is determined by how precise a design you desire and other factors like size.

Simple designs are more cost effective. Rattan patio furniture looks better, which can sometimes make it costly. There are other factors that affect the price of wicker and rattan patio furniture like the raw material and weaving skill.



Some of these materials to apply especially when using the wicker style are synthetic and natural fibers. However, Rattan’s suitability for the wicker weaving style is unmatched.  It can be used in making patio furniture and other items like baskets.



Rattan strength is evident even before the weaving process. One benefit of intertwining natural and synthetic rattan is that it allows for the addition of weather resistant properties to the exceptional strength. Patio furniture must be sturdy enough to withstand the constant moving around or wear and tear.



In a nutshell, both of these two types of patio furniture are necessary options, which offer many advantages. Before making your final decision, ensure you weigh all the style or design options available, so you choose one that is the best fit for your outdoor space.


Both types of patio furniture enhance comfort and make your patio more luxurious. If you are in the market for top-quality, outstanding, and durable wicker or rattan patio furniture, JOYSIDE is the way to go.