Best Wicker Chairs You’ll Love in 2024

Wicker chairs are an excellent addition to any patio or balcony and with good reason. These furniture pieces make the most of your space, and leave it looking incredible! Fortunately, there are so many options to choose from, and regardless of your needs and style, there is definitely something for everyone.

All the same, you have to go about the choosing process correctly. If done right, wicker chairs can be combined with a wide range of styles, including different tables, chairs and lighting options for the perfect results.

To help you pick the most suitable wicker chairs, and also narrow down the plethora of available options, we have done all the heavy lifting and researched based on weight, material and number of chairs included in a set.

Here are our top picks:


2-Set Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs

This set of wicker chairs is nothing but comfy, and versatile. This is evident thanks to the presence of curved armrests and backrests. Moreover, the backrest is heightened for maximum comfort, and an effortless lean as you enjoy the sunset or have a wonderful time with friends and family. The curved design works well with the backrest to deliver a comfortable build and elegant design.

Moreover, these seats are designed to last a long time. They feature durable steel frames, with fortified rattan areas. Also, they are quite wide, and have high ground clearance, which maximizes breathability and comfort while reducing the chances of damaging the base.

The spongy cushions are also an excellent addition, and in tandem with their broad and deep design deliver unmatched comfort. The cushions also provide great resilience, enduring deformation and delivering maximum coziness.

Lastly, you will appreciate the all-weather durability these seats come with; thanks to the hand-woven, resilient, and weather-resistant materials.

What’s not to love about these wicker chairs?!



46” Papasan Wicker Chair

If you only need one wicker chair, then I recommend this Papasan option. It comes with comfortable cushions, tailored with polyester foam to give you optimal comfort and the premium fabric gives the cushion incredible water resistance, UV protection and fade resistance. All these features make it an excellent option for your outdoor spaces including the balcony.

What’s more, the stable and durable build includes a steel frame to make sure it serves you a long time. Plus, the steel frame is powder-coated hence rust resistant, and can hold a maximum weight of 350 lbs. The sturdy base doesn’t wobble, and this adds to comfort.

Something else you will appreciate are the in-built straps which ensure it doesn’t slip away. They are made using elastic and robust fabric to perfectly resist wear and tear. Also, the ergonomic build includes curved and deep seating space, with comfy and thick cushions to ensure incredible comfort.


Three-Piece Wicker Furniture

The last best wicker chair you will love is this set from JOYSIDE. This is a three-piece set, perfect for you who wants to host a few friends or family members on your patio. This set includes a large three-seater and two leisure ottomans, perfectly built for both indoor and outdoor use. Besides, the ottomans can double as footrests or seats.

This seat offers incredible sturdiness and stability thanks to the steel frame construction and it can hold weight of up to 600 lbs. As of comfort, the cushions include premium Olefin material and polyester, and the thickness is at 3.5 inches for supreme comfort.

The ergonomic structure is another thing you will appreciate. The backrest and broad & comfy armrests let you lean comfortably and stretch your feet, and if you want to, place your feet on one of the ottomans included.

The three-seater couch is completely covered by PE wicker materials that offers incredible fade resistance and superior resistance to cracking and deforming.


Tips for Maintaining Wicker Chairs

In addition to the list of best wicker chairs you’ll love, here are a few pointers on how to properly take care of them, for maximum comfort and longevity:


Frequent Cleaning

Use a mild water and soap solution to clean your chairs. Also avoid using harsh chemicals as they will damage the chairs.



When the weather patterns change, like in the winter, and you are no longer using these chairs, make sure you store them in an area where they can’t be damaged by the weather elements to extend their lifespan.


UV Protection

For those who will place their wicker chairs in an area exposed to sunlight, consider utilizing a UV light protectant to hinder deterioration through fading.


Regular Inspection

Ensure you do regular inspections of the seats to check for possible damage and address them as soon as possible.

Well, there you go, the best wicker chairs you’ll love in 2024!