A Complete Guide on Fire Pit Tables

A fire pit table is a stylish option for anyone looking to add a warm welcoming vibe to their outdoor space. These tables are great for sprucing up your outdoor space because of their visual appeal and practicality during family bonding times or relaxation. They are beautiful and inviting furniture items that you can get in a vast range of colors, designs or budgets making them a worth investment. On this write up we aim to provide you with a comprehensive guide so you can easily determine their suitability for your outdoor space. Let’s get started!


Plan out the Gas Line

First of all, it is essential that you consider how you will place the gas line. The size of the propane tank determines how you plan it out. For instance, small propane tanks are easier to conceal, you can be innovative with how you disguisedly integrate the propane hose beneath the fire feature. Whichever gas line you go for you can always devise creative ways of hiding it. 


Remember different gas line sizes offer varying suitability for your BT use. If you are working with natural gas lines go for the 7-10” wc while a 11-13” wc is the most ideal for propane gas lines. If you just can't wrap your head around the technicality of planning out a gas line you can always seek advice from an experienced plumber or gas pro. They should be able to provide your insight on the different aspects of the gas line in layman’s terms.


Ensure the gas professional installs the stub where you find most convenient and the hole they make is small and at the center. This way you will have space left in case you later consider adding a square or rectangular fire pit table. You will need 10-12 or thereabout for electronic ignition.



Moving the Fire Pit Table

After figuring out the gas line now it's time to place the fire fit table where you find fit. The table is weighty so you could probably use some extra hands to easily move it. You can hire professional movers to do the job or look around for any free strong hands who wouldn't mind helping you.


Connecting Your Gas

This is a crucial step while installing your fire pit table which is why you should ensure a licensed gas connection company does the job (unless you are an expert). You can contact them 2 weeks prior to the fire pit table delivery date so they are able to provide you with all the tools and gear needed on time.


Delivery Process

More often than not you will get the fire pit table components like the fire media, burner package and fire feature separately. They might not even get to you at the same time based on where you ordered them from. Always ensure all the parts are in good condition before you accept the order.



First gather all the tools you might need for this step. Then remove the top and the sides. A crowbar, impact driver or screw gun might come in handy. It is crucial that you carefully uncrate to avoid damaging the components. Avoid removing any protection wrapping before you are done with installation to minimize the risk of damage. 



For increased safety and a successful installation hire a gas pro to handle all the connections. The fire pit table components are available in standard fittings hence the professionals can easily do the job. Remember to check whether the gas pro primes the key valve before installation.


After proper installation you can now have fun with family or friends around the fire pit table. To ignite flip the electronic switch or turn key and push for a push button ignition. If you have a concrete unit then the push button ignition is most ideal.



It is not advisable that you fully ignite the fire feature for more than half an hour as it increases the risk of damage to the unit. Cleaning the unit is no hassle so occasionally wipe with a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Additionally avoid contact with metal objects and clean any foreign objects like spilled food as soon as they happen to avoid stains. You can give your fire pit table a new look by repowering it once it starts aging.



The fire pit table is a favored type of outdoor furniture you would not want to miss out on. It lights up the hangouts with your loved ones creating memorable moments. All you have to do is follow the comprehensive guide we have provided and ensure proper maintenance to elevate your outdoor experience. Also get a professional to do the installation if you are unsure of your efficiency at it.